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Grosvenor Road Message Board FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who looks after this message board? Who is ""?

This message board is looked after by Weed ( My name was Chris Whitehouse until 1996 when it was changed by Change of Name Deed to "Weed" (a school nickname from the late 1950's). I was at Grosvenor Road from Autumn 1972 to Spring 1974, and from Spring 1975 to Summer 1976, and lived in nos 7, 12, 2 & 4, and in my treehouse.

Why am I asked for a User Name and Password before posting a message?

The script is password protected in order to prevent automatic spamming of the message board. The User Name is 'grosvenor' and the Password is 'road' - this should be displayed in the password entry box when it appears.

Why can't I see the message I've just posted?

You are probably looking at the old version of the page, which has been stored in your computer's memory. Try refreshing (reloading) the page, using one of the following methods -

  • top menu bar, "Refresh" button
  • keyboard function key F5
  • right hand mouse button menu, "Refresh" option
  • keyboard Control-R
  • top menu bar, "View" menu, "Refresh" option

Can I put html tags anywhere in my posts?

No. You can't use HTML tags in any of the fields. The script throws out anything in < >.

How do I add a link to my post?

Write in the text you want to appear for the link in the "Link Text" box (immediately below the "Message" box), and put the full web address of the page you want to link to in the "Optional Link" box. Make sure the address starts with "http://". It is best to copy and paste long addresses.

Why are there colons in the message when I try to post a follow-up?

Colons at the start of lines are used to indicate that lines from previous messages are being quoted.

What time system is being used?

All messages times are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Where can I get the scripts for this program?

The scripts are written in Perl and were originally created by Matt Wright. The programs currently being used are updates written by the nms project.

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revised 7 March 2008