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Posted by Whoop John ( on 20:41:33 13/September/07

In Reply to: To meet again posted by Jamie Chadwick

Dear Jamie,

We lived life, but not necessarily according to the rules laid down for us as we had been brought up to assume we would.

We did this because we saw that some of the social norms were wrong and we wanted to see if there was a better way to live. Times were a-changing. We were young and wanted to see if there was another way, a better way perhaps?

We lived at a time of discovery, when new chemical compounds stimulated areas of the brain. A time of affluence perhaps where we could indulge in such experiments without war, or famine.

Our forefathers did not help us in this and declared war on us. So we did what we did in an atmosphere of social paranoia. This was criminal, but not our crime.

Sadly many of us found that it was not just the society we grew up in that failed us, but it was our own preconceptions that bound us more than anything else in and to the world. I doubt many of us really broke through that one perfectly, myself included, but I still try to see other points of view if I can. In truth I often fail. Just talk to Beanie, she'll tell you.

The dr***gs? Yes it has to be said. They were a reprogramming tool. We didn't think like that necessarily, but they did show us a different attitude. Some of us were allowed to reach up and know ultimate reality, for a brief while. It was something previous generations had spent a lifetime trying to reach and had failed. We did it in hours. The sages tried to tell us we did it wrong too and had ripped the doors apart and should not have done so. But how else would we have seen?

So we can be forgiven if we tried to live a different life and feel that we maybe failed, there is no blame or shame. Be gentle on yourself Jamie, you were a pioneer and probably still are.

I have not lived an eco-life, I have not saved energy, I believe it exists in abundance. Politics says it is scarce, not me. I believe technology has a purpose, I like electronics. Hell, we are all using computers here. I bet we like loud music too.

I may come to the gathering. I may bring a big juicy steak. I may bring brown rice. But if I see you, I will bring genuine love for you all,


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