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Posted by Tony H ( on 12:56:09 06/October/07

In Reply to: So what do we do now????? posted by joelle

it would be great if the momentum could be kept up and electronically (at least) rounding up the "lost sheep" would be great. I would like to know how Pete Smith is doing for instance. Anyhoo the stuff below I sent to Weed and it was what I was doing instead of being at the reunion.

Hey Weed

Sounds like you really did it in style. Well done.
We had a good day for the demo as well. I assume there is no need to rant on about the governments racist immigration policy or them sending people back to certain death in their country of origin, so I'll just get on with the day itself. Unlike most marches (why are they called marches when they are rarely more than an amble punctuated by random stops?) instead of going round the back streets and meeting no one we strolled through Crawleys main shopping centre (where we were heckled by a union jack wearing young woman "we aint got houses for our own - send em back")
We were 3 or 4 hundred people strong with lots of kids, which was nice. One of the kids was my nine year old son, Buster marching with the banner he had made the day before. He was, of course, in the middle of the masked up black block, his golden locks incongruously uplifting in a sea of black flags.
It was a four mile walk to the detention centre, where men, women and children are held within view of Gatwick airport until their fate is decided. We had some good music to keep us going. Most of us saw the irony when, 50 metres from the jail, we marched in front of a gigantic poster advertising the TV show Prison Break.
The government intends building a bigger detention centre nearby - the direct action there should be rather more energetic than our stroll.
Take care

: Well apart from the fact that i broke my transmission chain on the way back, which means that my engine is fucked, i'm very happy to have seen you all.
: And i think it would be nice to keep in touch, and carry on trying to find "missing persons" (still looking for mac, for example!).
: We've been vaguely talking about getting a "grosvenor rd" home page together. It is quite a lot of work so a few people would be prepared to get involved, but only if there is an actual demand, and that many people would be into feeding infos into it (anecdotes, what we're at nowadays, events such as other reunions...).
: So come on, say what you think about it and what you could contribute!

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