Re: Church Road summer of 1977

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Posted by Richard Sleep ( on 08:39:54 20/October/07

In Reply to: Re: Church Road summer of 1977 posted by Rory

"Dopey Dave" from up North ("out me road I'm on Drugs!") was really called Chris - I think he was on the run from some bust and called himself "Dave" and was seriously paranoid lol


: ok, if im one of the historians..... i will have to qualify my reference to 'dirty-dave'
: i was never completely clear about 'dopey-dave' i think the dave from up north and 'dirty-dave' the guy i reffered to , tall guy with curly-blonded hair and an 'afgan-coat' [hippie-uniform' for some!]from Plymouth and charming 'yokel-accent! not to be confused with tall natural-sunsilk-blond dave -seymour-king , he of the perfect put-down i remember him asking a guitar-playing squatter to play 'stairCASE to heaven' for his amusement! lol and on someone asking what the RUT on his council donkey jacket meant he replied duly ' Royal Ulster Terrorists!of course!One day he came upon Tony Hemmingway at the Warwick -hotel Squat he remarked that the then 'lady-killer' had become positively 'obese! lol tony smiled like a farmer with a toothache' as the dutch say! lol

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