Re: Church Road summer of 1977

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Posted by Richard Sleep ( on 08:59:48 20/October/07

In Reply to: Re: Church Road summer of 1977 posted by rory

Yes I really wonder whatever became of little Ken - Taylor was his surname? I never knew that!
a really nice guy IMO

Plus I remember vaguely "Dirty Dave" - wasn't he the guy we once came back to find had set the curtains on fire - and was trying to light his fag off the burning curtain?

hmmm maybe those weren't the days

You are the official squatting historian!


: :
: : Hi Rory
: :
: : Hmm I was at Kingston poly then Rory, possibly in aleister crowley's old house which some idiot nicked the lead off (so it leaked) or in Pangbourne.
: wow yes Richard i remember we squatted a couple of places together around that time! one on the 267 route i think in whitton with dirty dave from plymouth [ooh-arr!] and essex girlfriend Janice gareth jones,,,,then there was that lovely house by the st margerets roundabout i think little-ken taylor was there too!and often jolly middle of the night visits by Gary in his blue van with number 7 grosvenor road door on the back, later belonging to little ken after Gary bought the 'here and now green prison bus[651DJJ] which he had parked in the garden firstly at Galsworthy road , kingston and later on, wasteland at 'squat-street'Latimer road, Notting hill. Then Gary turned up in Amsterdam in 1979 and sold it to Dutch-hippie friends of mine who made me the driver cos they were all too scared to drive it lol unfortunately it got towed and scrapped before i could save it in 1981.

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