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Posted by Ken S ( on 08:42:38 31/October/07

In Reply to: Re: l'Auberge circa 1973-7 posted by Weed

: :: most web designers i know are women
: : the guys i'm talking about are not woman
: yes, that's the point i was trying to make :)

I've seen mention of this in a number of threads, I'd be happy to contribute some code and stuff, quite a lot of the big sites I work on are team built and it takes the slog out of it.

A couple of questions;

Is it worth starting a new topic or better to go into details via e-mail? Would a new topic help establish how many of us are familiar with coding and could contribute?

Bearing in mind the current SE trawl rate of Wikipedia would it make sense to first establish a wiki page from which links to both the existing and any new sites can be added?

My main interest would be to enhance the search position for those that are not yet in contact and wiki might be useful in that respect.

Wiki already has a 'grosvenor rd' entry (just a different one) so a new page would essentially piggyback on that in search terms.

Is there a specific idea for new pages floating about and would they be complimentary to or a duplication of the existing pages?

ok, that was more than a couple...


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