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Posted by Ken S ( on 13:05:08 31/October/07

In Reply to: New web site posted by Joelle

: I keep trying to start new threads when it is a new topic but it is not very easy because there's often several subject in the same message, pffffffff.
: Anyway about he web site, when i was over at dave's i started thinking of what it could look like and did a kind of 3blue print3 which is somewhere in the grobag list archives. A couple of people have already said that could be involved in it if there is several people concerned, and yes i agee wiki is the best for what we need. So should we discuss it on the grobag list, it is not really overused, or start yet a new list, or just use this thread? What do you lot think?
: J.

I wouldn't necessarily suggest that Wiki is a substitute for any form of 'custom' site as it is a bit limited in design and facilities and also is open to being defaced/edited by anyone however, purely because it will rank highly in Google/MSN, it would act as a useful link point to here and anything else that is constructed. My main interest is that those who are still 'whereabouts unknown' have an easier task when they succumb (as we all do) to that moment of nostalgia and find themselves with access.

In all respects the pages here do the job and the only argument for any duplication/ additional sites is link related page ranking.

And the fact that we are all a bit diverse anyway :)

Personally I'd be happy with it here as long as people didn't mind the extra data weight. If it was felt that this board was best left for personal stuff and the code-freaks should be stuffed out of the way to gabble at each other then we could establish another somewhere easily enough.

What/where grobag?


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