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Posted by Weed ( on 00:26:49 04/November/07

In Reply to: Re: New web site posted by Richard

: OK I was kind of serious about an irc room called e.g. #squatters
: or #grobag

i didn't doubt it for a moment :)
you're the IRC expert, so you'd need to advise re best client prog and server to use etc
(i used MIRC many years ago, but that was probably on a DOS machine)
but would there be enough users to make it viable?

PS my suggestion re Second Life was more tongue in cheek, but if one can weather the "how sad is that?"...
like with Facebook, i've done little more than dabble, however it does hold some intriguing possibilities

we could alter the faces and bodies of the avators and clothe them appropriately so that we'd be recognisable to each other as we were 35 years ago -- and if using voice chat, we'd probably recognise each other as most of us still sound pretty much the same -- one's first name is a free choice, but unfortunately at present the second name has to be choosen from an extensive and regularly changing list -- squatting is possible but risky, cos there's little defence against instant eviction should the owner return and want to reclaim their home, and there's not going to be a lot of empty/derelict properties about -- however we could find some suitable land for sale and rebuld Grosvenor Road + all the individual houses (including the domes, vans, caravans, treehouse etc) -- how long before graffiti would start appearing on lamposts? and we could recreate the dogs and cats of Grosvenor Road (Bosch lives!) and give them an independent existence... (tho i'm not sure whether they're liable to get run over by careless visitors driving through) -- we could even put on regular music events in the reconstructed Warehouse, using streamed music from the (reformed) street band... would be interesting to see how many visitors come along -- apparently various drugs are available and AFAIK they're not illegal in the private areas, but i've not experimented so don't know how strong the effects are (and, as in real life, they're not always as pure as is claimed) -- i guess virtual viagra is the big seller there -- cash (L$, Linden dollars) seems to be the main problem with free membership... one solution is to try and get a job... there's often vacancies for pole-dancers in the bawdier clubs, or maybe signing on with an escort agency, tho i assume this needs practice to achieve satisfactory control of the avator's movements (and genitalia don't come free with the default avatar) -- maybe another way, for those with the right talents, is to design, make and sell original clothes and jewelry etc -- NB any earnings converted back into standard currencies are not taxed, tho being the fastest growing economy in the world it's probably only a matter of time... the exchange rate with the US dollar is fairly stable, despite a major wobble in August when gambling restrictions led to a run on funds and one of Second Life's biggest banks had to close its doors

definitely lol

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