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Posted by Weed ( on 02:07:08 19/November/07

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a report on the service and burial

just got back from Seamus's funeral -- i was given a lift there by George (many thanks for that) who came over to Basildon the night before so we could get an early start -- and we arrived just in time

it went well -- lots and lots of people... the hall was overflowing -- there were many who Seamus knew from living with his partner Caroline (her family and friends) or who lived locally, as well as friends from the college he'd recently been to (musical instrument construction), fellow-performers who'd known him during his busking, clowning and street entertainment days, some of his family who'd travelled down from near Manchester, and about a dozen of us from the Grosvenor Road era (Dominic, Jane & Jonny G, Gary, Mary S, Steve B, Diana & Kate & Maggie G, George N, & myself)

the 'service' was conducted by a humanist minister(?) tho he hadn't actually known Seamus -- it mainly consisted of various people telling tales of Seamus or playing music

the burial in the local graveyard half a mile away was given an extra dimension by some lovely sad violin/guitar played by two of Seamus's busker friends -- the graveyard itself was beautifully green and quiet and spacious and for the first time i was strongly affected by it all

later, people wandered back and forth between the hall (where some photographs of Seamus were on display and tea was to be had) and Cliff Cottage, where they were welcomed by Caroline and invited to look inside the impressive workshop which Seamus had just about finished building

there was more planned for the evening, but i didn't feel up to it, so managed to get a lift back to London and make my way by rail back home

Seamus was obviously very well-loved during the last ten years of his life

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