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Posted by Weed ( on 20:13:17 22/November/07

In Reply to: Re: chatroom posted by Joelle

: the idea in using an irc chatroom is that people who want to get involved in working on the web site [can] communicate

i think it's there for anyone who wants to chat about anything
(as long as the people they're talking to are interested in it)

it allows two or more people to 'chat' to each other in real time
(in other words, as it happens, rather than leaving messages for people to see later,
as with email and message boards)

tho it's not actual 'speaking'
(as in using your voice, which is usually known as "voice chat")
you just type in what you want everyone to read, and hit the return key
(tho there's other things you can do as well)

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is one of the oldest parts of the internet --
it's older then the world wide web --
it looks a bit old-fashioned (no graphics and no voice chat)
but it has the essential virtues of simplicity and stability --
it only takes one session to learn how to use it,
and it doesn't crash every 5 minutes

PS i mentioned Second Life in another post -- i've just come across a strangely evocative video
showing the creation of a complete village there, one which most people will probably recognise --
except it's not a picture - it's a virtual reality --
so it would be possible to actually live there in one of the cottages...
though i doubt the gardens are big enough to have a swimming pool...
maybe create a small pond with water lilies, a few fish occasionally swimming to the surface,
a couple of frogs appearing as the sun goes down, and some bird song in the background
oh, to be a master builder...

(don't forget to have your sound on)

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