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Posted by Weed ( on 12:03:55 28/August/07

In Reply to: remind me about yourselves! posted by Lucy Irvine

i lived in No 7 from 1972-1974, went off for what was supposed to be 2 months' work in New York, but when i got there found the contract was for a year, came back in 1975 and stayed in No 10, then No 7 again, followed by No 4, and at the end was living in the treehouse -- after many years of wanting to change my name from "Chris Whitehouse", i finally began reusing my school nickname "Weed" in the early '90s, making it legal in 1996, and this is now my full name


when the street ended in 1976 i went to Ireland with Angie and Bill, living on a peninsula, Dooey North, half way up the west coast of Donegal -- dome, caravans, chickens, lots of wind & rain

returned to England in '77, to Canterbury, where i was taught how to play go (far-eastern board game, also known as baduk and wei-chi), then back to SW London for another few years squatting...

and that sort of took me into the 80s, living in shared houses and vehicles in different parts of London, often criss-crossing with people from Grosvenor Road -- spent many nights playing computer games (on VIC 20s and Spectrums), and even contributed to a couple written by Richard Sleep -- helped where i could with Ola's band, The Primitive Society (lousy sound engineer, so-so roadie, ok groupie) -- through Angie (who by this time had returned to London), i became involved in Partizans ("People Against Rio TInto Zinc ANd Subsidiaries"), which opposed many of the the national and international activities of the UK's biggest mining conglomerate

it was while living in my van in East London, working at a telecomms company in Docklands, that i was given the use of a flat just outside Basildon (Essex) for storing some of my stuff for a few months -- the guy who was renting it never returned, so i moved in and stayed on -- that was nearly twenty years ago...

there were periods of work (including housing resettlement, and search engine optimisation), and in between i struggled to acquire some basic juggling skills, played lots of go, wrote a few pieces of music, learned more stuff on the guitar, found myself entranced by fractals, became a net slave, took part in activities on the local nature reserve, and amassed a huge collection of rave flyers (+ far too many records, books & comics, and a magnificent late 50's jukebox),

last busted in '99, for cultivation

have one son, Sol, born in 1971 (Sher, his mother, died in 2004) -- for several years Sol travelled up & down the country visiting pubs and clubs making a living playing quiz machines, before ending up writing new games for them -- he played bass in the original line-up of Lancashire band Caned Unable

see link below for pics (old & current, but sadly none from my purple hair period, nor the following blond phase when the dye washed out)

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