Jiri Keller

Jiri Keller

The Exhibition - A Painter's Journey

a short documentary film on the London-based Czech artist Jiri Keller

directed, produced & edited
Diogo Rodrigues and Ciara Owens

London Film Academy (2011)

Earls Court Youth Club

The Club

a short documentary film on a London youth club

directed, produced & edited
Eleonora Tozzi and Vanda Volić

London Film Academy (2011)

original video  (zipped - 1GB)

NOTE - this is a large file and may take an hour or longer to download

unzip the downloaded file
open the file VIDEO_TS.IFO
the video should run in the computer's default media player

the opening screen displays 4 options -

THE EXHIBITION - an interview with Jiri Keller (5min 57 sec)
THE CLUB - a report on London youth clubs and their closure (4min 27sec)
CONTACT - contact details for the London Film Academy (May 2011)
PLAY - plays THE EXHIBITION followed by THE CLUB (10min 24sec)

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