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Posted by Jamie ( on 15:14:13 14/September/07

I have two small rooms in Kingston, occupied only by a few books. Should a few of you feel unprepared for a return journey, you will be welcome to crash there. There is no parking available but two taxi loads should fill the place. All mod cons - except I cannot speak for the smells or snores of the company .

Lucy: Yes, I was that soldier .

Chris Selwyn-Smith: Do you remember when I tried to become bourgeois? I failed dismally. Who would have foreseen that my own would have foreclosed me? I am grateful that you will still speak to me.

Me: I smoke like a chimney and I drink like a fish. I have no prejudices about food. Music is always good, even when it is bad. I lost my lip years ago so I will only bring a few instruments.

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