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Posted by Richard Sleep ( on 18:43:59 14/November/07

In Reply to: Re: New web site posted by Weed

re: my suggestion for an irc chatroom - I have taken a glance at this, and the theory is there is no point in registering a chatroom initially - it's quite a complex and lengthy process (they get 1000 applications per week) and so the thing to do is just start an unregisterd room - I'll make a stab at the name #grobag - and just see what happens.

I shall try this. To join the room just download mirc (google it) - select undernet as the server and join #grobag

Of course I doubt anyone will, but you can chat online! If there is no one else there you find yourself as chief operator in charge lol


: : Well, this is all very confusing, would non techie persons be able to use this stuff?
: i don't think there's anything technical involved for the people using it -- but the names are probably confusing because they're unfamiliar
: rest assured, i'm no techie... i still haven't mastered the mobile phone, and continue to be baffled by the settings on my washing machine, inherited from the previous tennant 19 years ago

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