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Posted by Richard Sleep ( on 09:45:17 16/November/07

In Reply to: Re: chatroom posted by Weed


That finnish (?) guy who wrote mirc - no one can figure out how he makes money - maggijo who runs newsgarden has been using it for about 30 years without paying - sod registering

Ignore the time-out it doesn't do anything except make you feel guilty. Dave SK once said "oh you are feeling guilty? Thats probably because you are guilty!"


: Richard, thanks for setting it up -- i logged on to the grobag channel ok (using mIRC) -- it's about 15 years since i last ventured on to IRC
: : mirc if you have windows
: : but it's a free and easy way to communicate
: the legit mIRC for Windows is a 30 day evaluation -- need to pay $20 to register it (same with Xchat) -- the latest Windows version is 6.31 (the commonest hacked and cracked version is 6.16)
: if running Firefox then maybe ChatZilla is the client of choice? (for those not using a Mozilla based browser, XULRunner can be used to allow ChatZilla be run as a standalone program) - otherwise maybe use Miranda?
: (there's a list of 40+ IRC client programs on the Wikipedia page, and another list + reviews at

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