Thank you Joelle

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Posted by Dominic ( on 17:59:46 02/December/07

Thanks to Joelle for the latest photo's from the early days of The Gr.Rd. community. They have helped to jog my, otherwise cloudy, memories. Also, thanks for your part in the setting up of the reunion. The pictures reminded me of the, short lived, No.3 basement studio and some faces who weren't at the reunion. Also you looked great in that top hat and tails.

Thanks to Weed, Chris Selwyn S and everyone else who
played a part in setting up the reunion party. It's still having an effect on me.

If I could I would thank Seamus for being a good friend to me and always trying to show/teach me stuff. Thanks to Mary Sayer, Weed, Gary (for his blunt, honest humour)and especially George and Jane (for being cheerful companions). All of whom came to Seamus's funeral.

Thanks to the Universe for life itself!

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