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Posted by Weed ( on 07:11:42 29/February/08

having finally got Facebook to accept that my whole name is "Weed" and nothing but "Weed",
i've now opened up a 'proper' account --
(thankyou Richard, for providing the straw which broke my stubborn back!)

anyway, as most of the people who've posted here are already Facebook members
it seemed worthwhile setting up a Grosvenor Road Squat group there -- so i've done that

this could provide much of what Joelle suggested we needed from a new site,
including the ability for people to leave messages and discuss things
and upload photos and share stories etc)

i've tried contacting people associated with Grosvenor Road who are already on Facebook
(there were only a few failures),
and have hopefully emailed everyone else who i've got contact details for --
(sorry for the brevity of the accompanying messages,
and apologies to anyone who hasn't received an invite to join the group --
it probably means i don't have an up to date email address for you)

i've no idea what if any admin duties will be needed,
but volunteers are welcome to take on the role

my experience of Facebook is limited, and i've got no plans or ideas for the group myself,
but Facebook is a great place to try things out
and have fun with the thousands of available applications
(which vary from semi-scams and practical jokes to excellent utilities)

if you are not yet a Facebook member,
then you will land on the registration page when you access the link below

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