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Posted by Chris Selwyn-Smith ( on 16:01:54 21/August/07

In Reply to: food and drink posted by joelle

Hi Joelle
There's not much I'm afraid in the way of pots and pans i'm afraid most of that sort of stuff has either been bagged by assorted family members.

Next time I'm over there I will do an inventory of what is still about .

There is an oven and hob and fridge available.

Local farmers are still in short supply however there is normally a farmers market off the Heath road on a Saturday morning while not cheap it will propably have local seasonal veg.

I have no idea on the local possibilities re "Skipping" i'm afraid perhaps someone else may have.

sorry not to be of more help but will let you know the kitchen contents soon.

I do look forward to seeing your photo of me outside the cafe I have no photos of that time at all.

looking forward to seeing you

: So, as i said, i can cook (i'm used to cook for hundred or more, so no problem (with a little help from my friends, of course).
: I can cook vegan (most of my friends are) or else.
: The question is what do we need in terms of pots and pans, cuttlery etc... What is there already in the house, Chris? And who could bring big pots, or anything else, and who can bring vegetables, or else.
: Are some people into "skipping" and what are the local possiblities? Are some people acquainted (not sure of the spelling!) with local farmers (is there such a thing over there?) or organic shops?
: j.

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