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Posted by Weed ( on 15:48:52 01/September/07

In Reply to: Re: joelle's pics posted by joelle

: And should we play at "who the hell is that?".

i guess most of us will at least be able to identify ourselves ok -- (but it's surprising how memory plays tricks... i put up some junior school class photos from the early 1950's with a plea for help with names, and despite lots of assistance over the last few years there's still a fair number of gaps and mistakes)

: If weed can give numbers to the pictures

as a quick fix i've put the filenames in the tooltips, so you should be able to see them when the cursor is over the pic (26 pics - filenames run jm_01 to jm_07, jm_08a to jm_08e, jm_09 to jm_22)

(i've cross-referenced the filenames to info from your original filenames, which have names of some of the people in the pics, and also to some of the info you sent -- should i post it here?)

: Nobody answered my call about pics, am i the only one to have some?

Inger (and/or Martin) have some, but getting them scanned in maybe depends on expertise and availability of daughters Blossom & Emily

Carol probably has 10,000 photos, but both my contact addresses for her seem to be out of date -- last seen a few years ago in Taunton?

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