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Posted by Weed ( on 11:46:19 02/November/07

In Reply to: Re: New web site posted by Ken S

: : forum facility in CPanel

i've used CPanel, but not the forum facility -- happy to trust your judgement

: the type of CMS/php/mysql work that Dave is doing would fit the bill well.

my first thought was for a standard CSM -- another possibility is the Facebook route -- (haven't used it much myself, on principle, cos their support refuses to acknowledge my complaint that its membership form discriminates against people with only one name)

: galleries could continue to be held at flickr?
: the forum & blogs could also be elsewhere.
: Perhaps that way the work could be divided out amongst those of us that tread the byte path.

that has advantage if one goes down the rest are ok, and as u say, it splits the work -- tho internal pm wouldn't work across the sites, and consistent branding would take more effort :)

i don't have time to be involved in new setups, but will no doubt be an end user

: for me there is a little too much wariness re the moderation suggestion...
: membership...primarily ex-residents... not be so vulnerable to trolling.

even with automatic membership and without any prior moderation, the main problem is likely to be the removal of the occasional spam entry with its link to a commercial site -- protection levels on blogs, galleries etc are easy enough to adjust if necessary

NB i've now removed protection for the message board, which means it will be indexed & archived by the major search engines

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