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Posted by Ken S ( on 02:34:23 02/November/07

In Reply to: Re: New web site posted by Ken S

: : Or to make it simpler, a proper forum with separate clear topics (such as the ones i suggestes before (see link in weeds message) and threads within the topics.
: : If that is quicker to get together, and there should be password to write in it...
: That particular facility can be very simple to set up. My initial recommendation would be using the built in forum facility in CPanel (A well known control Panel for Linux/Apache hosting) which works well and can be secured easily although I would confer with Weed and Dave just in case they have any better suggestions.

Just had a glance through Joelles proposal and my first reaction is that ( and this is where I might get into trouble :) the type of CMS/php/mysql work that Dave is doing would fit the bill well.

Having said that there isn't really a requirement to lump all the facilities in one place/space as galleries could continue to be held at flickr? the forum & blogs could also be elsewhere.

The core space would only need to provide a portion of the suggested facilities and the links. Perhaps that way the work could be divided out amongst those of us that tread the byte path.

On another note, and one which I'll welcome feedback on, for me there is a little too much wariness re the moderation suggestion. Not only would the task be burdensome but 10 days is a long quarantine period and would hamper the flow. It is perhaps advisable to post moderate with a lighter hand and only in response to need.

After all, we all know each other and have a well established background of functioning within anarchy...sort of.

If membership, as is logical, would be open to primarily ex-residents and are therefore known we would not be so vulnerable to trolling.

We've probably all mellowed sufficiently over the years to cope with being considerate of one another.


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