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Posted by Ken S ( on 11:47:08 02/November/07

In Reply to: Re: New web site posted by joelle

: : 10 days is a long quarantine period and would hamper the flow. It is perhaps advisable to post moderate with a lighter hand and only in response to need.
: Well if there are pass words so as just "known" people can post, that suits me, but what about warnings by weed that whatever goes on the net is no longer private, wouldn't there be a trace of whatever "nasty" message, even if it has been edited in the mean time, mind you that is also true if it is sent on the list and left for up to ten days!
: Anyway, i was suggesting moderating because it's the only thing i'm able to do, i'm a user (critical, at that!)off all these technological thingies but that's about it!

I'm involved in a few forums so it's easier to use examples. Security: I am one of a team of people collaborating on a huge database driven site, there is a forum where techies, investors & contributors can discuss issues and so there is an extreme confidentiality aspect. The forum requires a password just to be able to read a select number of topics. A further username/password combination is required to see all topics and threads and to post/participate.

Search engines are prevented from indexing and a password would still be required for access.

Moderation: I'm a member of a large forum for photographers, agencies, models and make-up artists, the potential for fireworks is quite high amongst the 1500+ user base.

There is a simple rule there - Be nice or get to F--k. Occasionally a thread gets a bit heated and the moderator either locks or deletes the thread with an explanation. On rare occasions a user is either suspended or banned. I believe this to be far more effective than a 'quarantine' system.

I believe the GR user base would find it far easier being nice than that lot!

people sometimes just have to be reminded that some things are more appropriate for personal e-mail that's all.

Approaching the whole thing from a 'user' perspective is far healthier than you might imagine, techies are notorious for delivering a white knuckle roller coaster when the client wanted a garden swing!

Divesting some of the background stuff will leave you a freer hand for the more creative aspects that you've outlined in your document.

I'll have a consult with Weed and get back to you re a fully topic threaded secure form.

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