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Posted by joelle ( on 08:48:36 02/November/07

In Reply to: Re: New web site posted by Ken S

: 10 days is a long quarantine period and would hamper the flow. It is perhaps advisable to post moderate with a lighter hand and only in response to need.

Well if there are pass words so as just "known" people can post, that suits me, but what about warnings by weed that whatever goes on the net is no longer private, wouldn't there be a trace of whatever "nasty" message, even if it has been edited in the mean time, mind you that is also true if it is sent on the list and left for up to ten days!
Anyway, i was suggesting moderating because it's the only thing i'm able to do, i'm a user (critical, at that!)off all these technological thingies but that's about it!

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